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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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Passive Solar Energy - Is It Right For Your Home?
Every exposed part of a structure's walls, floors, windows, roofs' absorbs and stores or reflects away the heat radiated by the sun. Passive solar systems do this without any mechanical means (pumps or fans); they rely purely on design and p
How to Grow Crystal
There are a lot of reasons to grow crystals in research, but none of them are more important than the journal bump they cause. As it turns out, even collecting a crystal can be its own publication, albeit in a less than interesting journal.
Science Project Safety 101
Even the simplest science projects can be dangerous if you do not practice science project safety. Combining some very common household ingredients in the right way can cause serious health problems and even death. Children should be taught
Are You Related To A Neanderthal?
Homo sapiens Neanderthal lived between 130,000 and 35,000 years ago. Europe was the center of their range. Some have been found as far south as Gibraltar, even down to Israel and the Near East. They were bordered on the north by glaciers, on
Mars Rover Mission Released as Virtual Reality VRPresents Te
2004 started a new era in planetary exploration. Two Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed successfully on the surface of Mars and a short while later started to send lots of images and other data. The rovers were designed to work proper
First Hybrid Diamond Simulant Made From Real Diamonds, Not C
Since the discovery of CZ cubic zirconia in 1976; Scientist around the globe have been trying to create a diamond simulant made from real diamond and sapphire. This hybrid diamond simulant would have all the qualities of a natural diamond at
Explanation of Galaxies Such as M49 and M91
Billions of galaxies reside in the known Universe, and not any two are exactly the same. Galaxies are large compared to what we can comprehend, most thousands of light years from end to end (a light year is approx 300,000kms a second!), othe
Astronomy Binoculars - Should You Buy Astronomy Binoculars?
Astronomy is a fascinating concept that people of all ages can enjoy being a part of. Having the right equipment for astronomy is very important because it will affect what you are able to see. One good item to invest in is astronomy binocul
Did The Yangtze River Dolphin Face Extinction?
The Yangtze River dolphin is part of the five dolphin species that are known as river dolphins. The four other species are: the Pink River dolphin, the Franciscana dolphin, the Ganges River dolphin and the Indus River dolphin. The Yangtze Ri
DNA - Welcome To The World Of Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Did we ever know that the basic building unit of our human body is an Atom? For all of you who have been exposed to elementary biology at some stage of your life must be fully familiar with this term. And with that assumption, let me introdu
Solar Energy - The Alternative Source of Energy
The fact is that the cost of energy keeps rising, and alone is forcing people to look the other direction for cheaper alternatives to energy. Solar energy has been one of the alternatives that people have found to have cheaper energy. Solar
How Does Global Warming Affect Arctic Whales?
Global warming affects negatively the environment and everything in it. There are more than just humans that are affected by it. In fact, such a negative process has been hasted by the human race through pollution. While the Earth is trying



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