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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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Gravity Theory - Atom Positive Not Neutral
According to scientific books, an atom, no matter its physical anatomy, will always remain electrically neutral. But I disagree. Because I believe the atom is electrically positive and not neutral. Todays assumption is tomorrows assignment.
Who Was the First Scientist?
We live in a scientific age. Millions of young people study science, thousands of universities teach it, and hundreds of publications chronicle it. We even have a cable channel devoted exclusively to its wonders. We are immersed in technolog
Evolution By Natural Design - The Merging Of Parent Genes In
The polarized debate between Richard Dawkins forceful advocacy of Darwinian theory and the religious Christian belief in intelligent design has left little room for alternative theories of evolution. Evolution - the adaptation of species to
Matter Energy Conversion... No Such Thing
Matter and energy are the same thing....The idea of converting matter to energy and vice versa is incorrect. Matter does not convert into energy, nor does energy convert into matter, one does not become the other. Matter and energy are the s
Determination of Cyanide
Introduction In 1935 the procedure for the determination of cyanide in water involved the conversion of cyanide salts by acid solution and distillation into an absorber solution containing sodium or potassium hydroxide. Removal of sulfide wa
Calculus - The Science Of Fluxions
The science of fluxions was Sir Isaac Newton's terminology for the new field of science known today as calculus. Newton and German mathematician Leibnitz appear to have discovered the principles of calculus in about the same time; but Leibni
New Diamond Simulant Composite
In the last few years gemstone composite and fusion technology has been under great pressure to produce a better Hybrid Diamond Simulant. The public demand for this product has sky rocketed ever since the movie called Blood Diamonds was rele
The True Meaning Of Alchemy: Its Concept, The Work, The Know
Alchemy the everlasting search for gold or the maximum state of purity that be carried to. Nowadays the concept of What is alchemy? has been clearly changed from what it was in its early beginnings. Its thought that alchemy is just the physi
Next Generation Of Hybrid Diamond Simulants
Composites The Israel gemological laboratory created the next generation of "Hybrid Diamond Simulants." The new hybrids are made from composites; Two or more elements fused together under high pressure and heat to create an entirely new end
The Basics of Mechanics - Dynamics and Thermodynamics Explai
You who read this, may be an engineer, a mechanic, an inventor, a student, or even someone without an engineering background. My observation is that the general public has little knowledge of basic science and even engineers and other profes
Liquefaction and the Transport of Liquefied Natural Gas
The capability to convert natural gas into a liquid, resulting in liquefied natural gas (LNG), facilitates the efficient transport of natural gas and allows for widespread distribution over a vast geographical area. Natural gas is converted
Static Sparks and Your Comfort
One of the greatest mild discomforts that millions of people go through unknowingly is static sparks. Static sparks or static electricity is the one you generate when you rub plastic pen against your hair and then you bring the pen closer to



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