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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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Top Intelligent Agency Fires Top Secret Spacecraft Off Targ
How does one of the top 16 intelligent agencies in the United States, operating on United States reconnaissance satellites, have two of their top secret NRO ocean surveillance spacecraft fired into the wrong orbit? With heads hanging hopeful
Think Space and Bill Gates
Space Adventures, which has arranged orbital space flights for space tourists since 2001, is the only firm to date which brokers space trips for amateur astronauts, including Charles Simonyi and four others who have signed on for the space j
The Path of the 1994 Aries Aircraft
The name Aries is not an unfamiliar word in aeronautical research, originally referred to as the Airborne Research Integrated Experiments System, with the original 1994 NASA Aries used as a flying laboratory in the form of a Boeing 757-200.
Direct Launching-An Alternative Route
With Congress lowering funding to NASA to what they need and want, along with many negative situations occurring around NASA itself, many engineers and mid-level managers inside of NASA and other related industries have come up with a second
Simulated Mars Mission
Applications are now being taken by the European Space Agency (ESA) for volunteers interested in making a simulated trip to Mars. The experiment is being conducted by the Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems and is planned for the durati
Phoenix Mars Mission
Building on the achievements of the Mars Pathfinder, the lessons learned by the failure of the Mars Polar Lander and the success of the Mars Odyssey in discovering water on the planet, the upcoming Phoenix Mars Mission is rising to the chall
The Dawn Space Probe
The Hubble Space Telescope, using the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, has provided pictures of two of the largest known asteroidsCeres and Vesta. These images are to be used in order to plan closer observations by the Dawn spacecraft, a robot
Radar Astronomy-The Ins and Outs of New Technology
NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using technology similar in some ways to that used to power microwave ovens, is detecting and imaging asteroids by beaming radar signals toward the objects, then collecting and analyzing the reflected waves.
Types of Compound Optical Microscopes
Compound optical microscopes are also known as compound microscopes, light microscopes or optical microscopes and come in several varieties. These include digital, inverted, stereo, monocular and binocular.All work on the same principles and
Where Does Gasoline Come From?
Drivers know the basic procedure for keeping their vehicles running: fill up with gasoline, drive, repeat. Most drivers know this routine so well that it is second nature, without stopping to wonder where the gasoline that seems so essential
What Do Molecular Genetic Studies Tell Us About the Peopling
Currently the archaeological, geographic, and ethnographic evidence indicates that the ancestors of today's American Indians migrated into the Americas from north Asia some 15,000-13,000 years ago. This evidence has long been the basis for s
The Modern Science of DNA Testing
Science has always been an industry of technological advances and discoveries.One of the most excising and growing fields of science today is DNA testing.DNA Testing is one of the most effective means of solving crime scenes. DNA Testing is



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