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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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Electric circuits act as a pathway for the electric current. They are the rightful conductor of current form one end to another. An electric circuit is designed so that they are the safest methods of sending electric current from one point t
Corrupted Research - Exposing the Peer Review Process
When you hear about new medical breakthroughs in the news, you will only hear about peer reviewed research. Peer reviewed means that it passed some sort of basic standards for quality. It is the gold standard of research.But is it real gold,
The Power of pH Balance - Life Saving Information About Alka
Your body is so amazing, every little part is endlessly playing it's own tune, which orchestrates into the miraculous being of you! Your heart beats, your blood pumps, your lungs bellow, your gray matter fires synapses - all without you tell
Can I Do A Paternity Test If The Alleged Father Is Dead?
DNA testing is the most reliable way of confirming the biological relationship between two individuals. The most widely applied test is the DNA Paternity test whereby an alleged father is tested to confirm whether he is the biological father
Atoms and Molecules
The idea of the atom Models and mechanisms of how particles and other materials behave have been proposed for thousands of years. Especially in the last few centuries, however, these models have been constantly improved and specified. In the
The Double Helix and Discovery of DNA - What Genes and the G
The unlocking of what makes living species tick and the discovery of the Double Helix and DNA changes everything. It means in the future genetic diseases will be no more, it means healthier and happier lives and more abundance.Of course, we
What is Optimal Health?
Health is harmony of body, mind and soul. Disease is an imbalance within this triad. Since humans do not exist in a solitary microcosm, the environment influences health both physically and energetically.Imagine that health is a line stretch
Anatomy of A Candle
The flame of a candle is a beautiful little light that shines on bright in the dark as a symbol of hope, and truth. And yet, behind the symbolic importance of the candle, there is a chemical truth that is inescapable. It is the life of the f
Comet Holmes 17P - Brightening By 1 Million Times to Naked E
The Dramatic appearance of Comet Holmes 17PComet 17P (Holmes) has brightened by over 6 orders of magnitude since October 24th, with another significant (10 fold) increase of brightness at 1500 UST on the 29th. Holmes was discovered and catal


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