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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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Up In Smoke
In a recent debate around a camp fire in Robertson over the New Year, I stated that "if you had to take the mass of the wood before burning it and take the mass of the ash after burning it, the difference in mass would be that of the smoke".
Chemistry - How To Survive Your Chemistry Class
After years of teaching, I have discovered that success in college chemistry has nothing to do with special abilities, superior intelligence, or high SAT scores. Success in chemistry is directly related to your attitude, your willingness to
Learning to Identify Plants
Identifying plants gets easier the more you do it. Honest - it's like we recognize our peas and carrots because we have eaten them (some of us ) a lot. Therefore we know what a pea or a carrot looks like, but do we know what a Pea plant or a
10 Lesser Known Dinosaur Species
As most people know, there were many different dinosaur species. Some such as Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex, are extremely well-known and are recognized even by people who do not have much interest in dinosaurs.
Compare Silicone Sponge To Silicone Foam
Silicone SpongeSilicone sponge, or closed cell silicone sponge, is derived from a thin sheet of uncured silicone gum. The silicone gum compound is mixed with pigment and other ingredients during a rigorous mixing process. The still uncured s
Chemistry - At Least Half Of Everything
It has been often said and many times proven that nothing exists or can be explained without mathematics and chemistry. Chemistry is the essence of all things and mathematics is the universal language utilized to explain this essence.Chemist
Creative Ways To Get Your Child Interested In Science
Not all kids like all subjects, but it seems that science is the hardest for ordinary kids to get interested in. This could be because that a lot of parents themselves are not interested in science and kids seem to pick up on that. Teachers
Getting Your Kids To Love Science
It seems that kids love to do anything and everything, but schoolwork and science is just another extension of schoolwork, or is it? What kids might not realize is that science is all around us in our world. While kids may not realize it sci
How To Stay Safe While Doing A Science Project
When people think of science projects they think of beakers filled with chemicals and people in white lab coats adding different ingredients to each beaker. The next thing that they picture is the entire lab going up in a great explosion. Wh
Science Fun For All Ages
You are never too old for science. Toddlers and grandparents alike can benefit from science just as much as you or I can. Science is not something that is grown out of. Science is for any age. But there are more appropriate scientific experi
Get Your Child Ready For The Science Fair - Do Regular Scien
Every parent is anxious to make sure that their child is able to get ahead in life. Parents want what is best for their children and most parents believe that a good education is what will prepare their child for the future. A good education
Incorporating Christian Faith into Science Class- Science in
You can integrate the Christian faith into every subject. Try these specific science activities with your class: Make a bingo-style card or worksheet with a nature theme. On the top, write "And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1. You can ei



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