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Evolution - To What Degree?
Mutations create variety in a population, and Natural Selection culls out the unfavorable results. But does this process lead to macro evolution? or micro evolut…
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How Far Would You Trust The Environment With The Government?

G8 5 - What will they do for the environment?Very big on rhetoric, very small on actions despite the big fanfare nothing has changed in Africa since Gleneagles. So it is with regret that I cannot see any positive affects on the environment coming from the more recent squabbling. The G8 remain short-sighted and seem to do little to save our environment. I bet that all the air miles and helicopter rides have caused a greater damage to the environment than the summit in Germany will ever provide in benefits from the idle talks.The Pollution Giants - America and ChinaGeorge W. Bush says he wants to take the lead on climate change. This has to be one of the most ill advised comments ever made. America is certainly leading climate change and continues to be responsible for much of the pollution that is causing so many environmental problems! Not quite what George meant, I know, but actions speak louder than words.Chinas leadership is at least honest when they announce they do not want to accept any limitations on pollution that would affect their economic growth. So the pollution continues unabated.The only way Europe can change the stubborn stance of these two great nations is by leading by example.The alternatives power sources - do they work?Perhaps not if you believe the UK Government. Evidence suggests otherwise: The new solar and wind power plant near Seville in southern Spain is a shining example of the alternative energy sources that do work - and well! The Seville Green Power Plant provides 70% of the regions power.If we spent the money allocated to the development of future nuclear plants on researching and developing more effective alternative power generation methods, I am confident we would not need them. Surely the government would jump at the chance to reduce our carbon output - and we could sell our carbon shares back to America!What will our children inherit?The current Labour Government wants to build an array of nuclear power plants. The building, maintenance and decommissioning of these plants will use more energy than they will ever produce. Is it a coincidence that they want to replace the Trident Nuclear Deterrent submarines as well?Although this is speculation, it is a foregone conclusion that nuclear missiles need the left-overs from nuclear power plants. The Government wants new submarines which need new missiles which need more leftovers from nuclear power plants. They are trying to convince us we need them and no green alternatives will work! Am I being paranoid or is there an ulterior motive?We cannot allow them to mortgage our childrens future any more. They should not have to pay for our inactions against our administration. Our Governments need to act now to halt environment and climate change. Not sit around talking hot air!

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