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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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Why Am I Happy When I Cook?
Recently someone wrote and asked, "Am I happy when I cook (beautiful bright vegetables in my clean kitchen) because I am connecting with myself?" This is what I wrote back.Before I answer, know this is a heck of a complicated question. At le
The Denied Aspects Of Self
This is an article about the light and dark aspects of our self and how can we discover them.We, as human beings, tend to unknowingly create mental self-images about ourselves. Examples of these self-images are 'I am kind', 'I am smart' and
The Blueprint to Success? It Is Really an Easy Recipe!
Just like baking a cake, there is a recipe for success and it really is no more difficult than baking cake. All it takes are some very simple tiny steps.1. Think about who you are or want to be and make a declaration: "I am the possibility o
Are Those We Consider Creative Geniuses Just Lucky?
What is a genius? One of the best definitions of genius, which I have seen in many psychology research papers is that a genius is the eminent achiever and therefore it is really easy to pick them out of society because they are the people wh
Programming Your Brain For Success - What Are Alpha Waves?
A lot has been said about our brain's electrical activity and its ability to create electromagnetic oscillations called waves or brainwaves. There are different types of brainwaves Depending on their frequency range (Alpha, Beta, Omega etc.)
Creativity - Genius and the Eminent Achiever Considered
As the coordinator of the Online Think Tank it is essential that one has a good grasp on what a creative person is, what a genius is and what the difference and similarities are between those and the eminent achiever. Not long ago, I decided
Why Take Piano Lessons?
Did you ever notice how most people who start off at a young age taking piano lessons rarely continue past high school? Then, when these people grow into adults many of them will eventually regret their decision to quit. So much so that, man
Are All Geniuses Nerds and Socially Inept?
Society tends to hold that geniuses are nerdy and socially inept, but is this stereotype reality based? Actually this has been proven to be statistically false and not just by a little bit, in fact a nerdy genius is the exception to the rule
Searching for Geniuses on the Internet Using the Latest AI S
Since nearly everyone is now on the Internet shouldn't we be using this tool to search for geniuses? Certainly we could use the help in our civilization of putting these great minds to work without shoving them into meaningless jobs which se
Eminent Achievers and Geniuses
They say that Geniuses are those who are Eminent Achievers in our society. A high IQ does not guarantee success and if we are to judge geniuses by achievement then that indeed makes the most sense. What is interesting is that more University
Humor And Discipline In The Classroom
After a forty-point performance the night before, Greg, a high school basketball star, arrives late for the third time to his economics class. Mr. Stalls says, "Hey Greg, with all the stardom you're getting on the court, I'm glad to see that
Explanation of EFT in
EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is taking the world by storm. It is justifiably becoming the most popular self-help method.One very popular way of learning EFT for yourself or those around you is through Gary Craig's Original EFT DVDs.



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