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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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Y-Series A Review Of The Questions
Y-Series A review of the questionsObservation of the surroundings and investigative thoughts about a great number of the mysterious questions starts to develop since childhood: its a natural gift of qualities of a sound human brain. Born wit
The Effects Of Genetic And Environmental Factors On IQ
For the last 140 years, scholars have been preoccupied with identifying the exact factors that influence one's IQ. The numerous studies on the subject have led most scientists nowadays to the belief that one's IQ is determined by a variety o
How To Change Your Life In Just 15 Minutes
Meditation is a powerful process - very powerful. It has the power to transform your life but many people never try it because they don't know how to begin.The truth is that meditation is a simple, easy and natural process. And, to prove it
Ego Unveiled
I am Buddhist, and while practicing meditation, I detected thoughts blossoming, one after the other, in a corner of my mind. Each one initially appeared as a single frame but quickly developed into a storyline, a dramatic movie. It might beg
What is Intelligence?
For centuries, people have been trying to define intelligence. However, a universally agreed upon definition proves to be elusive so far. To some, intelligence is the ability to acquire new information and to adjust to new circumstances, whi
Fear of Having No Home; Being Homeless
In the annual online think tank survey; What do You Fear! We found that the number of fears were astounding and somewhat troubling. Of course we always get certain ones such as; Fear of Drowning, Fire, Falling, Car Crash, Abducted Children,
Public Humiliation and Controlling Human Civilizations
Chimpanzee Tribes use social conditioning and controls to maintain their hierarchy and pecking order. Should human societies use social conditioning combined with public humiliation to control its citizens? Should the government sponsor such
Name Association
Have you ever heard someone say He looks like a John or She looks like a Sarah? Why do people do that? Is there something in our minds that make us link others to other people and make us associate someone elses name with them? Hopefully thi
Ruling Over Humans by Using Government Sponsored Humiliation
Any one who is familiar with history of Machiavellian Tactics will immediately recognize the strategy of ruling over Humans by using Government sponsored Humiliation Tactics. Dictators and Rulers have often used this to control their civiliz
Psychological Effects
As well as a conscious mind, we also have a subconscious mind, which is the one that shows itself sometimes through our speech, manner and general behaviour or reactions in the form of purely psychological effects. These behaviour patterns,
THE Short List To Overcoming Low Self-Esteem
Extensive studies show that less than 15% of us have a sufficiently healthy level of self-esteem that allows us to live happy, prosperous, abundant, and harmonious lives.The source of our low self-esteem is different for every person. Some o
Humans Often Will Not Admit When they are Wrong; Especially
Have you ever gotten into a debate with someone who was clearly incorrect in their thinking and yet they would not yield to all the good solid evidence before them? Sometimes hard headed individuals will stand against their belief systems or



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