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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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The Philosophy Of The Color Red
Understanding the color red and what it means in society, art, culture, and media, is a complex undertaking. You have to understand that the meaning of the color red comes from a variety of sources. On the one hand you have natural physical
ADHD Tip - Will More Medication Always Be The Answer To Trea
There I was watching television one afternoon, and a commercial came on that reported, "X% of people who suffer from depression and take medication, continue to experience symptoms of depression."I was on the edge of my seat... I couldn't be
Dying for the Truth?
Dr Vladimir Bekhterev was unquestionably one of the eariy pioneers in Russian medicine. Born in 1857, he was a prominent neurophysiologist and psychiatrist who founded the Psychoneurological Institute, did important work in adapting Pavlov's
Eliza - Then and Now
Speaking as a psychotherapist (though my patients may dispute my claim to that title), I have to say that there's always been something disconcerting about the computer program know as ELIZA. First developed in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, ELI
Mother Complex As Fundamental Issue Of Societal Problems
In my research so far I have come to the conclusion that the mother complex is more simply stated as child psychology or child behaviour. Which is behaviour grouped towards dependency on a parent figure. This is prevalent today in adult male
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters-Facilitator - Agent Proximity
The questions below are directed to people who are involved in "facilitated" or "agent" dependent typing. For this series of questions, I will use the term "facilitator" to refer to a person who provides some type of arm or wrist support. I
Easily and Instantly Interpreting a Dream
I continued Carl Jung's research through dream interpretation in the unknown human psychic sphere and discovered the existence of the wild conscience. (Jung thought that this was a part of the unconscious that produces the dreams). Due to th
Only The Truth Can Destroy False Accusations And These Painf
Have you ever been falsely accused? Have you ever suffered as a consequence of rumours, stories and tales about you and you know there is no truth in anything the people are saying? This happens more often than we sometime acknowledge or eve
What is Intuition? A Psychological and Physiological Definit
Have you seen these definitions of Intuition? The sixth sense. The inner voice. The gut feeling. The woman instinct.But how do you listen to your inner voice or your gut feeling? What if you don't hear anything... What if it gives you ambigu
Do It Yourself Series # 24 - Build an Ego in Three Days!
Day One: The best-built egos are ones that are well designed, so the first step is to acquire a great set of plans. These are available at any convenient party in the neighborhood. Just mingle around and you will see all kinds of egos being
Tears, Strength, Final Words, Substance and Content Which Ca
How do you react and respond when you witness a man revealing deep emotions? Can we learn lessons from the Bible about how to handle our feelings? I do not know of anywhere better? The Bible is not a psychological text book but it covers all


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