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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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Some Facts about Autism
Autism is one of the mental and behavioral disorders classified under the Pervasive Developmental Disorders or PDD. This is a group of disorders characterized by severe and pervasive abnormalities in social-interaction skills, presence of st
8 Reasons Cats Hate Their Litter Box
If your cat is refusing to use her litter box and has visited your veterinarian for a complete check up and received a clean bill of health, yet is still refusing to use her litter box, you may find your answer as to why in this article.Cats
Tips and Strategies to Build Rapport With Clients
In previous weve discussed the business-side of counselling: marketing tips and business guidelines which can help counsellors build a successful practice. Most therapists possess an innate desire to help others, and because of this emotiona
Why do People Believe in Global Warming?
Have you ever asked yourself why everyone believes that global warming is real? A recent television survey said 90% of the people believe that global warming is real and yet just two years ago that percentage was under 30%; how can this be?
Sound and Fury and The Mathematical Theory of Energy Determi
For those who study efficiency modeling in manufacturing, computer processes, military logistic strategies or sports we know that energy should be treated as a precious commodity, no matter how much you have. Now then, if wasting energy is b
How Do Images Move In And Out of the Mind?
How do images move in and out of the mind? Begin with this. While at first glance, this question may seem deceptively simple to answer, in truth, it is anything but.The short answer begins with the idea that the images themselves (and every
Shaming and Public Humiliation to Control Populations
Recently in our Online Think Tank a Canadian Socialist stated that he believed that Shaming and Public Humiliation was the best way to Control Populations, behavior and business dealings. We will call this Canadian Socialist Bob. After a lit
Getting Humans to Think Again Using MindMaps and Other Teach
Can we get humans to think again? As we go out into society we see a whole lot of people running around with their minds off, they just are not thinking. We need to introduce them to new concepts like the Human Knowledge MindMap and use "Tea
How Do You Decide What to Commit to Memory?
Have you ever considered what you decide to commit to memory; how about what you do not? Recently this subject got a bit of buzz in our Online Think Tank when discussing Mind Mapping and critical thinking processes, methods and philosophy. E
The Problem with Cognitive Therapy
The problem with Cognitive Therapy is well the therapy. If someone needs cognitive therapy how do you know the therapist and the curriculum he/she is using is able to change faulty thinking errors and self-defeating behaviors? There are thou
An Interview with the Founder of The Human Knowledge MindMap
The Online Think Tank often gets to discuss important topics with everyone from the Father of the Internet to the Founder of the Human Knowledge MindMap. Indeed, gaining insight into our world and the future helps us better understand the ne
Are You Trapped In Manifestationland?
Are you Trapped in Manifestationland?There is so much interest and romance around the art of "manifestation" that it's easy to believe so many people are falling for it like a fly into a Venus Fly Trap.People tend to fall in love so quickly



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