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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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Sports, Sex and Physical Activity Themes for Enhancing Human

It has been speculated postulated by a participants of our Online Think Tank that men often while in conversation or debate about things such as sports, sex or physical activity create brainwaves and light up similar areas of the brain during fMRI brain scans as they do when competing in sports.Although we have not done any experimentation in the matter it does appear from an observational standpoint that the average American Man, does indeed communicate much different than the average female and generally does not achieve the same level of physical pleasure in normal conversation as women. Unless it is thought, the man is involved in certain types of conversation.This was recently brought to our attention by a University of Colorado Law Student who noted and observed this phenomena. Now then a communication process, which brings up visual imagery might work might be the cause of this. As it is said that men are more visual in many regards in their psychological displacement.During a cell phone conversation with slight microwave stimulus to the very near "visual part of the brain" which is right near the ear, such an observation might be even more notable it is further postulated as that area of the brain would heat up. Visual parts of the brain are also attached to doing things like driving, motion and etc. Therefore it would be activated and correspond more to physical activity.You could prove this with an fMRI quick scan right? For a man to get physical pleasure from a conversation and thus increase their intensity and memorization of the conversation, it might be good to discuss matters during teaching involving themes around sports, physical activity or even sex.This would most likely aid in the teaching process. Where as with women it may not be needed, as normal social conversation might do just as well in the teaching process? Well in any case we hope this article propels thought in 2007.

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