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Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out
It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? I…
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Communication Between Men and Women; Male Themes of Physical

You never know what kind of conversations will come up in an Online Think Tank. Often men and women converse differently and often scientists and engineers converse differently than entrepreneurs, bureaucrats or project managers. You can see the issues involved in such things and indeed it makes for a somewhat lively group. But, indeed that is part of the fun of it all really. Well at least some people think so, but not always and not everyone.Recently a participant of our Online Think Tank, a very bright College Student observed something fairly interesting and that is that men have different physical responses to conversation than do women. In fact often women find enjoyment just conversing while many men enjoy debate, arguments or challenging conversation around themes of sports, war, conflict, sex or physical activity. So, perhaps more MRI brain scans need to be done to test high-conflict dialogue with men during highly intellectual topics.Of course not everyone agreed with this premise and at least one Online Think Tank member stated that; In reality the way brains think would be similar for a man or a woman. Most of the scans show so much similarity between men and women, making it hard to say if the male conflict and physical pleasure during conversations or such premises or comments are correct.Although how one has used their memorization by association process thru their own brain learning formatting nurturing; that is to say while taking in their observation and experiences would change that individual. The social conditioning of men and women are different of course as that is somewhat obvious in observation of average men and women. But humans in Think Tanks are anything but normal or average.Thus these speculations may be good points, although how can we know for sure? The purpose of this article is to make you think and propel thought in 2007. It is just something we noticed and thought we might pass on you see?

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