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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Learn Spanish For Kids Online Or In Schools
Throughout the world, Spanish is a popular language to learn. It is a compulsory subject in secondary schools in the UK, and because of relationship between Mexico and the USA, it is also popular in the southern states.Unfortunately, it is c
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Languages that are learned through self-learning is best developed when the student puts everything he has learned to good practice. Regular practice of a language learned develops better and the individual's ability of using it as a convers
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My friend Sarah lives about three hours north of New York City, and is teaching English as a foreign language to four young women who work in a Chinese restaurant in the nearby town. They meet once a week, with the girls coming in to Sarahs
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I remember the times in high school and college where I was required to sign up for French or Spanish. Supposedly the ability to learn a language was supposed to broaden my horizons, and give me some exposure to another culture. Personally,
5 Ideas to Teach Prepositions to Your ESL Students
It doesn't have to be difficult to teach prepositions to your ESL students. Granted, prepositions are a little bit harder because they are more of a concept than a mere vocabulary word. However, students are probably familiar with these word
Choosing an ESL School - 6 Questions You Should Ask
Choosing an ESL school doesn't have to be difficult!Many parents may feel overwhelmed when faced with the number of ESL schools that are out there. There are so many different types that it's hard to know which is best for your child.Really,
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If you want to learn conversational Spanish, some of the best classes to be found anywhere are available online. To be clear, I don't mean interactively online, I mean that the interactive audio classes, actually entire courses, are availabl
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Studying Spanish, despite the quick ways and easily obtained materials off from almost everywhere doesn't necessarily mean you are in for the quick process as well. There are many chapters the Spanish language offers and if you think learnin
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This is the easiest part of the TOEFL. But do you know what are you going to listen to? If youre not prepared, your notes will be totally useless!Here's the definition from the ETS Official Website:Listening measures the ability to understan
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Its finally time to write As weve seen before for the speaking, there are two different writing tasks:Integrated IndependentHere's the definition from the official ETS website: One Reading/Listening/Writing taskAcademic reading and lecture T
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Learning to speak Spanish is an entertaining, exciting intellectual experience. It can improve your career prospects, increase your mental flexibility and make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.Choosing to learn to speak Spanish
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At first, it seems like all the words ending in -o are masculine, -a means the word is feminine. What are we referring to? The gender variation of each Italian words. But most of these people think about the common fault that is always made



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