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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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•  Learn Spanish Program - Rocket Sp
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Is There A Fast Way To Learn Spanish?
There are many people that want to learn Spanish. The reasons why these people want to learn a new language are as varied as the people are themselves. Some people want to learn a new language in order to help them with their career in a bil
Free Spanish Course
Hola! Quieres aprendir espanol?That's Spanish for "Hello! Would you like to learn Spanish?"Rocket Spanish offers a free Spanish course online when you visit their website and sign up. The course consists of six free lessons. This free course
Everything You Must Know About Simultaneous Interpreting
It is common for people to think that there isn't a difference between an interpreter and a translator. In reality there is a huge difference. They actually require different skills as well. To be able to tell what the difference is you need
What Is Phone Interpreting?
When a translation company answers the phone they often get clients who say that they need a translator. Once they ask questions to get more information they discover that the client really needs an interpreter which is a totally different s
The Perks of a Translation Company
If you own a company and have ever found yourself in the position of trying to acquire goods then you may need to engage in the services of a tradesman or find a qualified professional that will help you locate foreign companies with the pro
The Benefits of Professional Translation Services
Locating the right translation service is the key to expanding your business globally whether it is small or large. There are also private customers who need translation services and will benefit if they take the time to ensure they are hiri
Looking At An Interpreting Agency
The total number of translation agencies and freelance translators is growing by the day. If you were to do a search on a major search engine for translation services you will be shown more than seventy million hits. With this many options i
The Lowdown on Medical Translation
All of the recent growth of medical science and technology has no real value if it has limited accessibility and is confided to the country where it takes place. In order for this important information to provide the maximum benefits it has
Learn English In Hawaii
There are many good reasons why you would choose to learn English in Hawaii instead of New York or California or anywhere else in America. Hawaii offers so much to the student of English when you think about it, like perfect weather, romanti
Learn French Phrases - Turn French Words Into Conversations
It's not difficult to learn French words. Anyone can do it. Repeat the words enough to yourself and eventually they'll stick. You could teach French words to a parrot - but it's not language. When you want to turn words into useful sentences
The Filipino Language - Bonding A Nation And Its People
Filipino, the Philippines' national and official language, stands as a true testament to the nation's rich and colorful history. If one carefully dissects the language, it embodies a passionate love for freedom and a proud people's outlook o
Syntax - Who Owns the English Language?
When writing my travel blogs, a friend of mine made a comment, perhaps complaining, of my syntax. In fact, I occasionally get complaints about my English. In elementary school I was sent to some specialist who helped me read, like I had prob



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