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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Study German Language Online Or Offlline - Insiders point Of

When we think about studying German, there are usually these pictures that come to our mind: a class of students sitting in front of a teacher trying to figure out what is the person in front of us speaking about. Trying to keep pace with the rest of the class or on the opposite, waiting impatiently for those slow German turtles to finally move to something interesting.Then when we finely finish the lesson, we dont; god forbid, stop to absorb properly what we just learned .instead we run like crazy to our car, rushing to catch up with our duties that we squeezed to later hours in order to get to our class in time. And beside all that there is always that thing called homework that we need to finish on a given deadline (dead-line).Now there are many people that for them studying the German language is a must and they are willing to pay that price. But, and its a big BUT there is just no need pay that price, because there is another simple option and that is to study German online .By studying German online instead of in a classroom we get all the benefits needed for the average Mr. or Mrs. Busy/dont have enough hours in the day. Now we can finely sit in our comfortable home with a cup of tea and just give our entire attention to whatever we are learning at the moment.we read each paragraph as many times as we need to understand what's written .we listen to each audio until we can pronounce every word sounding like a native German speaker and instead of trying to catch a bit from here and a bit from there, we really get the full knowledge given in each and every lesson. No pressure no mess and no parking reports for those reasons studying German online is the best solution for the German language student who lives in the modern western society.Now there are also things to say for offline study as well. There is no doubt about that, but for most people the most important factors are time and yes, money. And speaking about money, an offline course will usually cost us a significant amount of money. Not everybody has deep pockets! An online course on the other hand will usually cost us 30-250 $ depending on the quality of the course and the quantity of materials covered. Just the gas for the car and paying a babysitter could cost us more than that!So if you are like many others looking for the time/money saving in studying German, you got it .I wish you good luck in your journey towards a better German language skills. Alles gut und auf widersehen.

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