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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Learn a Language Using Audio Books

I remember the times in high school and college where I was required to sign up for French or Spanish. Supposedly the ability to learn a language was supposed to broaden my horizons, and give me some exposure to another culture. Personally, I was never sure that asking me to learn a language was a good idea, since sitting through two years of French did not accomplish that purpose. My reading skills were satisfactory, but my pronunciation stunk. Granted, trying to master the French r sound took most of us weeks to do, and even then was only marginally successful. My friend decided that the effort to learn a language would be easier in Spanish, but was clearly mistaken. Somehow, the Spanish rolled r was not significantly easier than the French sound. What I would have given back then for a good audio book on the language. Not only would my pronunciation have improved, but carrying an audio book is vastly better than those horrible language labs that came with French class.In addition to improving my pronunciation skills, audio books make the effort to learn a language more enjoyable. Most modern programs emphasize the give and take of everyday language, with less of an emphasis on individual vocabulary words and other rigid language structures. After a short time it is almost as if a lively, though sometimes confused, conversation is going on between the audio book presenter and myself. I have also found that the variety of different audio book programs allows learners to choose the type of speaking voice and emphasis that they are most comfortable with. We can now learn a language like French (or Spanish) in a shorter time and in a less painful manner than we did years ago.One of my favorite things about using an audio book course to learn a language is the ability to practice phrases and conversations at practically any time. When I say that, most people agree that their car is a really good place for them to learn a language. The time taken to drive to and from work is much more fun as a French visitor or as a Spanish grandee in disguise. But I find my most effective time to learn a language from my audio book tutor is when I am in the kitchen. The time I take to chop, cook, and wash up the kitchen is much more fun if I am pretending to be a fine French chef that is making everyday conversation with a friend. It certainly makes meal preparation time less lonely.Once I have learned a language in my kitchen, I can branch out and order an audio book or two in French. I think I will start with childrens fairy tales that I already know, something on the order of Sesame Street. Actually, Im sure my skill at learning a language will be better than that. Maybe an audio book that is a translation of a childrens book I already love. I wonder if anyone has translated Madeline into French? Or was it originally in French? Ah, oui! I must get back to my audio book program.

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