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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Learn To Speak French

Why should I learn French? How will it help me? Is it not difficult? How much will I have to pay for it?So many questions and one answers. STOP WORRYING!Next to English, being a universal language comes French. People throughout the world are getting really crazy to learn French as it is the most romantic language on this earth.In many careers related to travel, not knowing French is considered as a handicap and it may even cost you the job.Here is the best way to learn to speak French in terms of quality and time it takes to become a capable French speaker:1. Learn French sounds before anything-Learn words and simple phrases to begin, copying the voices you hear on the audio component to your course and a French audio component featuring native French speakers is essential and comparing your pronunciation to that of the native speakers.2. A firm grasp of the grammar-Be particular about getting a grasp of the French grammar which will build up your confidence resulting in an accurate and confident communication, using your course, be it book and CD, or software. If you have heard that you can just pick up a language without studying the grammar of that language, then you are badly mistaken. Such an approach is a road to disaster.3. Learn French in a language immersion program-Learn French in the most natural way, when you hear the language all the time - on TV, Radio and people speaking around, you learn French the way you learnt your own language. You are asked to go to France and take a course on learning French.French Immersion courses are not only restricted to France, they are all over the world particularly in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada as well as many African countries.4. Learn French part- time at a community college-If you have lost the chance to study French in your school, then there is no need to panic. Your chances are still bright. Just go for the part time courses offered at many Community Colleges. This will compensate everything you have lost.5. Learn French online-Free Online French Courses are spread everywhere over the internet and the one of the best ways you could ask for.6. Read French language blogs-Make yourself the quickest learner while your friends might just be thinking of making some efforts to learn French language. Make new French friends who will help you to grasp the language easily.The Internet has made finding all those courses so easy for you. Simply search the web to find best sources to Learn French. Do not wait for the things to come to you, just go and get them. Time waits for nobody! And you are not an exception.If you are in illusion that simply by sticking to English is going to work for you always, think again. In this competitive world, people with bi-lingual knowledge move ahead and stay ahead.

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