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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Learn Spanish In Your Car - A Good Idea?

Audio CDs, Cassettes, and even mp3s teaching Spanish have been available for quite awhile now, and recently they have gained in popularity thanks partly to the complete collections of Learn Spanish CDs that are being offered freely by newspapers around the world.With todays modern lifestyle, everybody is trying to fit more into their time. One of the latest trends is trying to improve oneself on the journey to, and from work. Learning a new language is one of the most popular improvements people try to achieve in the car, but is it a good idea?Driving requires a high level of concentration. It may not seem it, after years of taking the same routes, back and forth between your workplace, it can become monotonous, however, all you need to do is think back to your driving lessons, or visit an unfamiliar city or location, to realize just how much concentration driving really requires.The years of uneventful traveling on a familiar route allows your mind to believe that nothing unexpected can happen. Attempting to learn a new language while driving takes away your concentration on the main task at hand, and will reduce your reaction time dramatically. This has been proven the use of cell/mobile phones.There are two main reasons why Cellular Phones/ Mobile Phones have been banned from use while driving, they are:They reduce the control you have over your vehicle because they require the physical task of holding the phone. The driver reduces his awareness on the road, while concentrating in a conversation. Studies have shown it reduces the ability to maintain speed, and react. (listening to the radio only requires the driving to listen, not react or reduce concentration) Undertaking a "Learn Spanish" CD or any other language program while driving is a hazardous activity; that could result in lack of attention. So, what can you do to learn a new language when you have a busy lifestyle? Unfortunately, learning a new language will require some of your spare time, if you want to be safe. However, dedicated Spanish tuition software for your computer, uses much more advanced techniques then simply audio using associations with pictures, sounds, and videos, it is possible to learn Spanish (or any language), faster and easier then the time it would take to use audio alone.Hopefully, this article has shown the possible dangers of attempting to learn Spanish, or any other self improvement cd's while driving. This article has also given a brief introduction into the advantage of Spanish Tuition Software, which uses more advanced techniques that allow you to learn a new language in a more natural manor.

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