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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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How to Learn Chinese In a Fun and Interesting Way

How to Learn Chinese In a Fun and Interesting Way?Chinese Language is a fantastic and wonderful language but Singaporean children faced lots of difficulties when learning Chinese Language at home and in school, some children even hated and disliked Chinese language. Learn our own language in a fun and interesting way that will attract students of this generation is a challenge to educators and parents. How to integrate language into their way of life that children would think its part of their learning? There are some tips for teaching Chinese Language to children at home and in the classroom.AT HOME1. Parents/grandparents and the child can exchange notes written in Chinese language:Nowadays parents are all busy and most of the times they are not at home, they can start the system of writing simple, short phrase Chinese words, like How are you? Ni Hao Ma I love you. Wo Ai Ni Have you done your homework? etc to each other on a frequent basis, the notes can be paste at the refrigerator, or as a letter on each others table. This is to let children know that what they learn in school, they are able to communicate to their parents and grandparents. And when the child learns more Chinese words, the writing can be more interesting and complicated. Allow the child to write Hanyu pinyin if he or she not able to write the word.2. Allow the child to watch mandarin show or cartoons:Children like to watch TV program, we have very good mandarin TV children series on Saturday and Sunday morning, and Chinese cartoons too. Through watching TV program, they listen and expose to the language in an informal manner.3. Song-SingingChildren likes to sing, any kind of songs, parents can bring their child along when they go for karaok (singing) session, Do buy some Chinese children songs CD, they will love it.4. Read comics bookChildren likes to read comics, parents can get some Chinese comic books, there are many different types of Chinese comics in the bookshop.5. Read Chinese storybook to themFor children to master or love Chinese language, parents should be the role model, when the child sees their own parents making effort to learn the Chinese Language, they will understand the important of the language. Before the child sleep, parents can read Chinese story book to him/her.6. Game card/ Board gameChildren learn most effectively through interactive games and activity, parents can buy game card or activity card in bookshops and create activity with them. Through hand-on and fun session, children gradually will build interest and love learning.

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