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Sentence Agreement
Sentence Agreement Subjects must agree with verbs and pronouns must agree with antecedents. The basic rule of sentence agreement is really quite simple: A subjec…
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Best Conversational Spanish Classes Online

If you want to learn conversational Spanish, some of the best classes to be found anywhere are available online. To be clear, I don't mean interactively online, I mean that the interactive audio classes, actually entire courses, are available for download online.The best way to learn Spanish (other than going to a Spanish-speaking country and finding a full-time tutor!) is through a good interactive-audio course. These kinds of courses are available in pdf format for text and digital MP3 format for audio. You can buy them online 24/7, download immediately, start learning in minutes.Once you have the download you can offload the audio lessons to your iPod or other portable digital media player. You could also burn them to CD's and work with them using any standard CD player.This means you have complete control over your lessons. You choose the time and place. Weekends, late at night, early in the morning, driving long distances, wherever and whenever it is convenient to you.With you controlling the lessons, the speed is up to you. You can go fast or slow, repeat parts as often as you like. And you own your copy of the lessons, can repeat or brush-up at any time, even on the plane to Acapulco or Cancun!Also, since you are dealing with carefully prepared topnotch lessons, you will be listening to and learning from native Spanish speakers with excellent pronunciation and accents. You can learn to speak Spanish like a native, something no one else but a native speaker can teach you!Forget about classroom drudgery, memorizing conjugations and vocabulary words. Modern teaching methods use a conversational approach, similar to the way you learned English. You learn a few words and use them in simple conversations. Gradually you expand, building on what you have learned.You listen and speak, gradually go into more and more complex conversations. You learn by using, by repeating as you think about understanding the speaker and then expressing yourself. You learn and imprint the language from actual use, as you learned English, not from memorizing textbook material.The Spanish classes and courses available run the gamut from quick speed-learning basic courses to full-blown multi-level Spanish mastery courses. The conversational lessons you will want to start with come in two levels or "tiers".The first tier is made up of full Latin American Spanish learning courses designed to equip you with enough knowledge and vocabulary to be able to converse on almost any subject. These generally run $100 to $150 for the full first level course.The second tier consists of various "crash courses", speed-learning lessons to get you able to handle basic communication as fast as possible. These are shorter courses, give you the basics but with less depth in vocabulary. These courses range from $40 to $60. Some cost even less.Being able to converse in Spanish can help you in many ways. And for native English speakers it is one of the easiest languages to learn. English and Spanish have many words and terms of common origin that are very similar.So give it a try! Pick up a language learning course and surprise the next Hispanic person you meet by speaking to him or her in Spanish!To have a look at the best conversational Spanish courses online, just follow the links below...

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