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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Abatement Counter Measures in Biological Warfare
In fighting under biological warfare conditions you cannot simply stop fighting the war merely because the enemy has unleashed biological or chemical weapons and you must indeed abate the threat and eliminate the risks by removing the bio-to
Abatement Cognitive Strategies
Whether dealing with organic brains in humans and animals or dealing with artificial intelligent systems, we must consider cognitive strategies to delete or subdue certain memories, observations or experiences to insure optimal function and
Abatement Class of Nano Manufacturing Materials
One of the biggest breakthroughs for scientists in nano technology is building super tiny machines, which will replicate and build themselves. These tiny devices can build themselves and help make materials stronger than we had ever dreamed
Abatement of Active Chemicals in the Battlespace
As the paradigm of war and human conflict changes in the new modern battlespace, we will have to deal with more than just soldiers, tanks and aircraft from our enemy. There are also issues with chemicals being used in war and although we hav
Abatement of Accumulated Air Pollution After Terrorist Attac
Smart heads up thinkers are busy trying to guess what type of International Terrorist attack the scum of the Earth might try next. We know that they seem to like chemicals and gasses and we also know that they like to blow stuff up.In either
Abatement Procedures After Chemical Alert or Alarm
United States of America departmental homeland security is concerned of a possible biological attack on our nation, a major American city or a major transportation infrastructure hub. A chemical attack seems to be possible considering the Mi
Academic Catastrophe and the Future of Thought
Everyone believes that to become smart you have to go to college or a University because they can make you so smart you see? After all when you pay them lots of money and study all their debris they will give you proof of your intelligence i
Limitations of the Wind Powered Future Cars
The latest new technologies advancing to help us curb our addiction to foreign Middle Eastern Oil is the wind-powered car. A car, which runs on the wind; running like the wind, now that sure has a nice ring to it, doesnt it? Is a wind-powere
Gasoline is Too Expensive; Where are the Wind Powered Cars?
We have all heard tales of futuristic cars, which run on hydrogen and the exhaust is water vapor. We have heard of cars, which can run of fuels that we grow. We have even heard of super break thru innovations such as flying cars and even car
Convert Your Car to Wind Power and Save Gasoline!
It would be certainly great if we could convert our current automobiles, light trucks and SUVs to wind powered cars and save fuel; whether it be diesel, ethanol blend or even gasoline. Is it possible to convert your current car to run on win
Will There Be Wind Powered Cars in the Future?
We all enjoy going to futuristic movies, which have all sorts of very cool technologies in these feature films for the Big Screen. We love to watch our favorite actors get into future type vehicles and drive away; cool beans indeed. Well the
Abatement of Bacteria in Space Capsules
As mankind heads for space and the final frontier we must be ultra careful to have procedures and protocols that our astronauts can follow in the event of the runaway bacteria inside the space capsule. This also goes for space stations and l



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