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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Emersion Virtual Reality Technologies to Help Teach Autistic
Autistic Children are not stupid, some are extremely intelligent only their minds are wired a bit differently they say. Well why not develop technologies to counteract this and help them with their learning.Currently the educational systems
Accelerating Blimp Repair from Small Arms Fire
Blimps and Dirigibles are used for many purposes. For instance Aerostats or tethered mini-blimps are used on our Southern Borders with Mexico with cameras attached for an aerial view and infrared view of the illegal alien crossers below. Bli
Laser Track Sequence Firing to Make Wind Flow to Wind Turbin
What do you do when the wind dies and you were relying on that wind to propel wind generation to collect on all our alternative energy needs? Well I have a plan you see; create our own wind. How so you ask? Well, we know that fires do this r
Wind Farms Limitations as Energy Platforms
As modern society searches around for alternative energy sources, wind farms are getting mention. There are, however, limitations regarding wind farms as major energy alternatives.Wind power is an enticing energy platform compared to fossil
Learning from Hurricane Katrina to Clean Military Equipment
Many people do not realize the amount of incredible training the military can get after a natural disaster and as you might assume after Hurricane Katrina it looked like a war zone in New Orleans. And many issues to deal with all resemble th
Accelerating Absorption of Membranes in Filtering Systems
Some water filtering systems run the fluid thru the systems more than once. For instance at Starbucks, which is a very simple application they actually run the water through the Reverse Osmosis System nine times. This makes the water ultra p
Making the Human Brain Stronger; A Theory
Is it possible to make the human brain thicker; meaning more connections and able to work more efficiently? Well if thickening the brain would in fact do this, yes there may very well be a way to make it thicker. How so you ask? Well I have
Accelerating Active Alerts for DHS
If we are to catch, capture or kill all the International Terrorists we will need to think a little differently. One thing we need to do is set up a simple system, which allows us to Accelerate Active Alerts and use electronic instant messag
NanoTech Titanium Dioxide Propulsion
NanoTech is certainly coming a long way these days and the research and development companies are flush with new ideas to try out. Well luckily I have another one for Team USA as they conceptualize a new future period when nano-technology wi
Strengthening the Brain and Connections
Can we strengthen the brain and its connections by artificial means? Indeed this may be possible and I had a theory on all of this. You see I believe there is a way to strengthen the brain electromagnetically. How could this possibly be you
How Do Other Off Planet Life Forms Operate?
For a species which is based on a life form to operate on a Planet, it needs to have input from its environment to fulfill its mission. Even if that mission is as simple as being born, procreating the next generation, and then dying. During
Academic Concepts Aborted, Copied And Cutoff
Too often in academia good thoughts and original ideas are suppressed and this problem is so pervasive it inhibits forward progression and it totally robs our civilization of our future. Now then why does this happen?Well for many reasons yo



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