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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Other Intelligent Life; How Will We Communicate When We Find
Most people who have given the idea any reality based rational thought that there is indeed life on other Worlds would stand to reason that there would be intelligent life as well. Depending on how you define intelligent life, there will be
Sand Dunes; A Weathervane for Titan?
Can we use the sand dunes on Titan to determine thru the study of erosion patterns what the weather is like there? We know from studying Earth deserts and the movement of sand and the patterns below that we can determine wind speeds and dire
Intelligent Life On Other Worlds; What Will They Look Like?
Life on other worlds is a given agree most intellectual humans. Intelligent life therefore would also be a given. But what would other intelligent life look like and does it matter since they would be intelligent in nature, who cares what th
Symmetry of Life; Is It Constant in the Universe?
Life on Earth is very symmetrical in nature and it is indeed rather obvious if you look around. Is this fact constant for life off of Planet Earth? And is this a constant in the universe as well? Is life symmetrical by nature everywhere? Int
Sensory Perceptions of Off World Life Forms
As we begin to explore other worlds in search for life or more specifically other intelligent life; presuming one could call humans intelligent, we must consider how we may communicate and what sensory perceptions these off World life forms
Off-planet Life Forms; Where Will We Find Life and How Simil
One can only wonder what other life forms on other worlds await us as we set out to explore the Solar System and our own Universe? Where might we find life out there? Will it be similar to that on Earth? Will intelligent life be similar to h
Can Life Live in a Methane Based Environment?
We know that life on Earth does very well with plentiful water and oxygen. We have oceans and a very friendly atmosphere for life here. But what if all the tables were turned and what if we had seas of Methane instead, what would our life lo
Life on Other Worlds; How Might it Advance
When we look for life on other planets; what exactly are we looking for? Are we looking for similar life as we have found here on Earth or are we keeping our minds open to all the potential eventualities that might be? On Earth most of our l
Ice Bullet Gun Ship Blimps Considered
Is it possible to make bullets out of ice that will not melt when fired from a high-velocity gun? Sure it is possible especially if they are coated with something to hold them together for their brief flight towards their target. Can we shoo
Piano Players To Get Pink Slips; Robotic Musicians Are Here
Many piano players play songs, which other people have written rather than write and produce their own. In the future those who play the piano will not be needed and all the piano teachers will be worthless unless they are computer programme
Death By Radio?
Is it possible for a radio to be used by an enemy to send signals causing such intense vibrational energies that would interfere with the human Bio-system? Perhaps a set of various different waves that made the nerve firings of the human bod
Laser Light To Hold Matter Together
If Laser Light can hold matter together that means we can do mining on Mars or the Moon via Satellite. It means we can hold radioactive containers together and tighten them up before they fail in order to store our nation's nuclear waste. It



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