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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Vibrational Energy in Engineering Applied to Mother Earth
What if the Earth becomes unbalanced? What if our entire planet becomes uneven because of things like the giant Chinese Dam Projects or the Melting of the Polar Ice Caps with giant icebergs floating away and water melting into the sea and re
Tornado Energy Generator?
If you consider a Tornado and its awesome power would it be wise to build our own Tornado maker machines to make energy with? After all the Tornado more resembles a virtual heat generator than anything else? Well, why not make one and then u
Using EM Cell Tower Plumes to Detect Precursory Earthquake W
Is it possible to use minor disruptions in the Cell Phone Tower Electro Magnetic Plumes to detect the precursory Earthquake waves so we can predict Earthquakes and save millions of people from harm or death?Well one online think tank thinks
Smart Dust Sensors in Window Cleaners for Environmental Info
Does it make sense to put smart dust into window cleaner buckets, squirt bottles or on squeegees for distribution onto interior and exterior windows? Why would we do this you ask? Well perhaps we wish to help better acclimate the interior of
The Destructive Power of Vibrational Energies
Harmonic Balance in machinery, structures and even Mother Earth are very important. Any wheel, shaft or part which spins can go radically out of balance and cause incredible vibrational problems and break the bearings, parts or destroy the e
Alternative Energies; Coating Needed to Help Create Static E
We need to design a coating to help us create static electricity which will adhere to Carbon Nano-Tube materials so that in the future we can use this static electricity to run systems in buildings, ships, aircraft, vehicles, trains, over pa
Contouring the Landfill Landscapes to Increase Wind Flow Spe
Currently most landfill when completed are big ugly flat areas and generally many very smart government agencies and/or contract partnerships will build parks on top or something useful. We even find many of them collecting the methane gas a
Space Radiation to Power Up Space Station and Long Term Expl
Is there a way to solve the space radiation problem, which is of concern for human life and Long space station stays or long-term space flight while also allowing for the production of energy for the space station or space capsule? I believe
Multi-Wave Modulation for Encryption for Military and NSA Ap
In the new paradigm of the modern battles space the United States Military realizes that the need for communication and safe transmission of encrypted data is paramount to the modern future force war fighter. Unfortunately with the advance o
The Future of Biological Fuel Cells
President Bush along with his other top advisers in science have been promising a technological breakthrough in science long alternative energies in since the president has made this part of his speeches in the last three months do you reali
Cleaning Water and Generating Power in Third World Villages
Environmental concerns in Third World countries are very important to the health and welfare of the human beings that live there. Let's take for instance in Indonesia where the Tsunami destroyed villages and homes and washed debris, animal w
Conserving Energy Using Alternative Energy Technologies for
Did you know that commercial and government wastewater treatment facilities in the United States of America use between five and six percent of America's energy resources? What if there was a way to have these sewage treatment plants and was



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