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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Tunneling Robots; Applications and Logistics

Is it possible to use tunneling robots to attack the enemy and protect our troops while in combat in urban settings? That is to say to tunnel under an insurgent, an enemy or an international terrorists location and then attack. Sure one would suppose that anything is indeed possible right? But can we design such a unit? It would have more than just military applications for instance; it would be great for looking for survivors of a flood, a major earthquake or a huge severe weather event like a hurricane. It therefore makes sense to look more closely at some of the logistical needs involved.Recently this concept came up in an online think tank and one member stated; Lets look at some of the Logistics involved. The electrical power to run those motors. I suggest a three-fold approach, Solar for charring batteries, batteries, and then a basic quiet generator tied into the electrical system of the Subterranean Attack and Reconnaissance Drone.Indeed this would make sense, as no matter which application you consider you will need to have power. An ultra quiet would makes sense for military operations or for FBI or DHS hostage situations. But any case of looking for survivors of an earthquake, flood for hurricane it might makes sense to have the unit make a sound and thus if someone here is it the two would make a sound giving clues to the robot and alerting authorities that someone is still a live down there.Power is indeed an important factor, as in the battlefield or a combat situation you cannot just plug in and in a natural disaster power would most certainly be out. Perhaps a tunneling robots makes sense for so many roles and reasons. So consider this in 2006.

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