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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Tornado Energy Generator?

If you consider a Tornado and its awesome power would it be wise to build our own Tornado maker machines to make energy with? After all the Tornado more resembles a virtual heat generator than anything else? Well, why not make one and then use the energy to power up our towns? Oh great you say this bozo wants to make Tornadoes; forget you buddy; you are nuts you say? Yah, well sure, I have been called that too amongst other things but hear me out on this.What if we build large tubular silos and allow for airflow in the bottom and re-circulation of the airflows out the top and back around and allow the tornado to continue to suck out side air in? Put the silos near areas where there is sufficient airflow already to keep it wound up to provide maximum wind power; for instance in a canyon.Basically it becomes a vortex wind turbine upright generator. Inside would a sleeve with strakes or fins on it, which would turn and generate the power? We could collect energy two ways; one from the spinning sleeve and the second way by collecting the ionic flows of electrons from the friction of the air as it moves thru and back around like a turbo to go thru the system again. Can it be done? Sure it can, will it? Indeed, some worthy entrepreneur will build one some day; you watch. Consider all this in 2006.

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