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Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disru…
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Dropping Humans Inside Precision Bomb Pods Into The Battlesp

As radar systems get better it will become harder to insert special teams or Navy Seals into enemy territory. Generally, during wartime nothing gets in and nothing gets out without being detected. The United States of America military and the United States Air Force have the answer in stealth technologies.Our stealth technologies are superior to all other such technologies in the world and we can get aircraft into the battle space without detection. Perhaps we can use this stealth technology and our precision smart bomb technologies to insert our special teams or Navy Seals into enemy territory.Our proposed building smart bomb precision guided human escape pods, which can be dropped from the bomb bay doors of a B-2 bomber. They would then dead fall to an appropriate altitude and location and a chute would open. The human pod would be sealed it could be dropped from any altitude as it would also have oxygen supply.The enemy would never even figure out what happened and our special teams would be inserted into their territory. I think it can work and it would take a special type of person to want to go on this mission, but it is worthy of research and development dollars to make this happen. Please consider this in 2006.

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