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Introduction to Art Restoration
The nature of art is such that it tends to be fragile, particularly if it is an older piece. This can lead to degradation which means you need to have an underst…
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The Infidelity Of Marriage
A few weeks back, my wife decided that it was time to end our two year marriage and move back to Arizona. This news, although hard to except, was not really a surprise. We had been having problems for quite some time. Our brief marriage star
Scouting for Boy Scout Memorabilia
Boy Scout memorabilia is very collectible. Why? Well there are millions of "old" Boy Scouts in the world. There is a special bond between scouts. Almost any scout, at any age can meet, and strike of a conversation about their troop, highest
Birth of the Devil-Goat - Buer, The Demon Eater (Parts 4 Thr
Part IVChapter Nine: Buer the Savage EaterBuer Demonic Savage EaterBefore man was man, and demons were demons, Buer was among a group of souls, that ruled the earth, with other souls and angelic beings, he was the first to go against the wil
Autograph Collecting
Terminator III? No.... R2D2 turned crook? No... Robocop gone bad? No... This mechanical forger goes by the name of "Autopen." It has become a modern technological wonder for busy VIP's, celebrities, and politicians, but has become a headache
All About The Getty Museum
MalibuHome to warm, sandy beaches and countless stars and the entertainment industry, Malibu is located to the west of Los Angeles County, California, USA. The city has grown from humble beginnings with a native touch to today's world famous
Selling Comic Books on eBay - Avoiding Big Mistake #5
There are 6 mistakes most comic buyers make when selling their comics on eBay. Here is...BIG MISTAKE #5: NOT GETTING A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDSI made a big mistakes a couple of years ago when trying to sell an Avenger #2 comic b
Magic Tricks You Can Do With Ease
Criss Angel and David Copperfield are two of the most famous magicians in entertainment. Their performances have renewed interest in magic tricks and they regularly draw huge crowds to their shows.If you want to be a master magician, there a
The Web Can Make You Famous
The internet revolution is here!I am so excited about the great new things that are happening online. I just found out that both Amazon and YouTube allow for video reviews. What that means basically is that if you shop on Amazon and want to
Download Unlimited Music And Movies - Find What Is Best For
I'm sure you are probably aware that you can download music and movies for free on the Internet. What you may not be aware of however is that this is sometimes not safe and even in certain circumstances, illegal. In this article I will go ov
Reverse Glass Painting - Centuries Old Art Form
Reverse glass painting is the art of painting an image on the reverse side of a piece of glass or glass object so that the image can be viewed from the unpainted side. It has been done since early in the sixteenth century in Europe, and was
Some Ideas On How To Reach The Stars To Get The Autographs Y
If you haven't attempted to collect autographs you may not understand all that is involved in the undertaking. In addition to how hard it is to get the autographs in the first place some celebrities even keep track of the people that they se
Integrating Your iPod With a Home Theater System
Most people who own iPods have found that this hugely popular product is almost indispensable to them as they go about their daily routine. The ability to enjoy music wherever you happen to be can be quite addictive. It has become popular to



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