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Introduction to Art Restoration
The nature of art is such that it tends to be fragile, particularly if it is an older piece. This can lead to degradation which means you need to have an underst…
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Adding Liner to Art Frames
When you are mounting a canvas work of art in a frame, a linen liner can be used as a backing material to protect the canvass. In framing prints the liner has a bigger role.If you are framing a canvas art piece, a linen liner is cut to sligh
Your Best Approach to Art Framing
From the very beginning, art framing has been held to be an integral part of the art itself. It must compliment it and support it without trying to overcome it.The approach to framing has changed through the years. In the beginning, it was c
Why Should You Frame Your Art?
There are two reasons why we have art frames on paintings. They can protect art, of course, but most importantly they can aid to their attractiveness on display.Since the very early days of painting, frames have served to enhance the visual
The Close-Up Magician - And Extreme Cases of Noise
We should be careful not to exaggerate the noise problems under which we work. After all, when performing close-up magic you do not have to be heard by everyone, but rather by a fairly small group of people. The person farthest from you migh
The Secret Artists For Centuries Have Kept Hidden In Their P
Who do I choose?How to choose the right artist to fit your family needs.Finding the right artist for your family oil paintings is not as hard as you may think; although there are so many out there it just might be a little time consuming. He
Weeding Out Defectives
Long before the Nazis ever came to power in Germany, the importance of eugenics in purging the race of the genetically unfit was being proposed. Not just in terms of sterilization, but execution of anyone deemed to be unworthy of life. Even
Suduko - How To Double Your Speed
(Note: Being a Japanese game, it is spelt and pronounced in English in more than one way - as Suduko, Sudoku, Su doku, etc. Publishers and Newspapers prefer Sudoku; so, do web sites. And so, does this article.)As we all know, this game that
Card Magic Tricks - Tips For New Magicians
Card magic is one of the common and easiest magic tricks used by magicians in any magic show in India. There are a lot of card magic tricks available approx thousand of card tricks which are really amazes to watch. Card tricks are valuable t
Different Varations of Art Conservation
There are several different variations of Art Conservation. They are all concerned with the preservation of art and its stabilization. Art conservation always has an eye to the future.The big difference between art conservation and art resto
Different Variations of Art Restoration
There are many different variations of Art Restoration. They range from the careful and painstaking recreation of a Masterpiece to the fixing of a torn family oil painting.Art restoration differs to some degree from art conservation although
Talking Politics With Twin Baby Prophets
Darling and Delicious, the twin baby prophets of Sarhara and her husband the prophet Johnny Oops, had a secret that they shared. Although they were only three months old, because they had genius genes, they had the minds of grown up women, a
Purchasing a Kiln for Glass Fusing
I have just been asked to assist an art teacher at a local high school. She wants to teach glass fusing to her students. I first went to the class to see what supplies they had on hand and what items they might need to order.The teacher was



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