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Introduction to Art Restoration
The nature of art is such that it tends to be fragile, particularly if it is an older piece. This can lead to degradation which means you need to have an underst…
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Walk Around Magic - Steps to Preparation

It is very surprising to me how many writers on magic, when talking about performing professionally, introduce the phrase, "First, you must have a good act..." but never explain what a good act is or how to achieve it.Dick Zimmerman once wrote, " Great singers, actors and dancers do not perform everything that strikes their fancy or is offered to them. They search for the best material. Magicians should do likewise." While there are some basic similarities in all forms of magical entertainment, the ideal material for restaurant and walk-around magic is somewhat different than the ideal material for other forms of magic.With the possible exception of magic bartenders, the commercial use of close-up magicians who work at a fixed location in a restaurant is unusual. Most bar and restaurant managers want the performers to stroll from table to table. The appeal of this practice is that the customers can remain seated at their tables and be intimately entertained.In restaurants it is assumed that the performer will stand as he works, rather than sit at the table. The major reason to remain standing is that it allows the magician to be far more flexible. Sitting down at the table commits you to staying there and makes it awkward to leave quickly, should you need or desire to do so. Also, there is an implication of familiarity that might offend the clientele or bother management. To most people, if you are sitting down, you are relaxing and not working. So, I- and almost everyone else who has written on the subject of restaurant, with the notable exceptions of Ben Harris and Barry Govan suggest that you stand.I have discovered recently, that some performers have changed their style and are now sitting during their performance. For example, some may have a chair brought out to them by a waiter or waitress, who also introduces him/her. He or she then sits down and entertains. Whether you sit or stand, the angles will be completely different, both from your point of view and that of the spectators.If you perform the same tricks seated that you do standing, you will need to rehearse them in both situations. Remember, for example, that cards displayed on the table when you are sitting would not be easily seen by larger groups when you are standing. Therefore the cards would have to be displayed in your hands. This may feel uncomfortable at first; hence the reason for rehearsing.The choice is up to you, but my preference remains to perform standing. Of course, for a walk-around engagement there is rarely an opportunity to sit and perform. Many of the characteristics of good walk-around and restaurant magic are practical in nature. The following list defines the material best suited for this type of performance:1) Simple and direct2) Inoffensive3) Easy to carry4) Durable or inexpensive5) Automatic or quick reset6) Angle proof7) Workable on any surface or on no surface8) Highly visible9) Examinable10) RepeatableIf you would like to see each one of these broken down in greater detail. Just come by my website, and go to the the magic much more than tricks alone- performance tips link.

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