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Introduction to Art Restoration
The nature of art is such that it tends to be fragile, particularly if it is an older piece. This can lead to degradation which means you need to have an underst…
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The Secret Artists For Centuries Have Kept Hidden In Their P

Who do I choose?How to choose the right artist to fit your family needs.Finding the right artist for your family oil paintings is not as hard as you may think; although there are so many out there it just might be a little time consuming. Here are a few characteristics to watch out for when searching for the perfect artist for your paintings.Courteous - Your artist should be courteous in your contact. The project may take a little time and you two may need to work closely together so it is best to work with someone who is courteous rather then someone who is not.Enthusiastic - You should make certain that this is not just a dreaded job for the artist if you hear, "yeah sure I guess I can do that." Then you know your painting is more labor then love. When the artist you contact is enthusiastic about your project or painting then you know it will be finished professionally and in a timely manner.Professional - A professional artist is one who will follow proper business etiquette by contacting you in a timely manner, speaking clearly and effectively, and asking your thoughts and options in the beginning stages of the painting. Many paintings are more of a team effort then a one man painting.Knowledgeable - Your initial contact with the artist should give you a better understanding about the process, techniques and materials that will be used for your painting. If they don't have a clue about the canvas, frame, tools and techniques that will be used cross him/her off your list and continue your search. You can also ask your artist if they have had any schooling for being an artist, most dedicated artists have. But schooling does not necessarily have to go to school to be a good artist. Art is a personal talent, but techniques can add to the talent of your artist.Personality - This really depends on your personality. You should choose an artist who has a similar personality as you, your family or the person you are buying the painting for. Like if you are witty, light-hearted, and humorous then use a painter who is the same way. When you choose an artist who reflects similar traits then this artist will understand what you are looking for in a painting and are better suited to see through your eyes to make you absolutely pleased with your paintingCredentials - Be sure the painter has some time behind himself as an artist. Find out how many paintings he has completed and how long he has been in the field of art or has been painting outside of school.No matter who the painting will be for you, a family member, or friend, keeping these few subjects in mind will help you choose the perfect artist for your project

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