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Introduction to Art Restoration
The nature of art is such that it tends to be fragile, particularly if it is an older piece. This can lead to degradation which means you need to have an underst…
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Da Vinci - The Art of Illusion

Amazing hidden images and optical illusions discovered within Leonardo da Vinci's works of art. What has lead to a incredible journey into and through this ingenious artist and inventor's works of art, all began innocently over 12 years ago after a Texas artist hung a small copy of the painting "Mona Lisa" in her bedroom."Over the years as I walked past the painting I began noticing what I describe as "the ever changing faces of Mona Lisa." This lead me to suspect and eventually conclude that da Vinci's painting was indeed what can best be described as a hand painted hologram. I became so convinced of this that I began an exhaustive examination of da Vinci's works of art, discovering an endless array of hidden images which are masterfully revealed through incredible illusions throughout his entire body of work. All of which have somehow managed to elude the publics attention for over five hundred years.""I've begun a personal blog dedicated to sharing all that Ive discovered as well as explaining the simple secrets to hopefully enable everyone the means of seeing these incredible hidden images.""There really is no way to prepare you for what all you're going to see. Of course considering we all see things differently what may be easy for one person to see, may in fact take someone else much longer. However, when an image comes suddenly into clear focus from what appears to be nowhere then another and another and another; consistently throughout da Vinci's works of art, viewers normally find it difficult, if not impossible to believe that these could be mere flukes or common anomalies."Of course one of the best secrets to seeing these images and illusions much faster and easier is knowing exactly what to look for in addition to knowing how to look in just a slightly different manner than we're perhaps accustom to viewing a piece of art. These images and illusions can be seen clearly with the naked eye once you know the what and how to finding them.""My most recent blog entry features a sketch by da Vinci and is a very simple illusion that will hopefully allow viewers a sense of immediate gratification in being able to see one of these vast number of illusions. The type of illusions as well as the style of hidden images can vary from painting to painting and from sketch to sketch. Once you grasp the concept of a particular illusion or hidden image you'll quickly begin to discover more and more of the same within that particular piece of art work.""I'm personally beyond speculating as to the "why" da Vinci may have done this other than to speculate that perhaps he did it merely as a means of amusing himself with his own creative genius. I am so amazed by what all my mind and eyes are still just trying to take in that I don't even care to think about that right now."

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